The contemporary landscape of liquidity on EVM chains is notably fragmented and inefficient, resulting in a significant barrier for decentralized application developers and end-users alike. With myriad liquidity aggregation protocols emerging - such as 0x, 1inch, Unizen, Orion, Paraswap, and more - each boasts its unique advantages tailored to specific use cases. However, the challenge lies in the impracticality for developers to integrate with each of these protocols individually, which, unfortunately, prompts most to align with just a single protocol. This inherently leads to a sub-optimal solution, given the missed opportunity to leverage the wide range of benefits that the other protocols offer.

The consequent impact of this issue is multifaceted. Firstly, it hinders developers from accessing the best available liquidity for their users' transactions, thereby jeopardizing the transaction efficiency. Secondly, it results in increased gas costs and lower output, exacerbating the financial burdens on the users. Lastly, the current state of affairs stifles innovation in the DeFi space, as the full potential of diverse liquidity sources remains untapped. Thus, the need for a comprehensive, easy-to-integrate solution that seamlessly aggregates and optimizes liquidity across multiple protocols is not only critical but inevitable for the advancement of the DeFi ecosystem

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