In our commitment to maximizing value for end-users, Fluid3 introduces a performance-based fee structure. We levy a modest 25% success fee for any positive slippage. In essence, if your transaction executes at a rate better than expected, we take a quarter of that beneficial difference as our fee. For transactions with no slippage, we do not take a fee. This fee system ensures that end-users always benefit from the Fluid3 platform, aligning our interests directly with the performance we deliver.

Revenue generated from these fees is utilized to purchase FL3 tokens from the open market, which are subsequently deposited into the Fluid3 community treasury. This strategic reinvestment serves a dual purpose: it supports the market value of the FL3 token while also ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of the Fluid3 ecosystem. The treasury funds contribute to future development, stimulate community incentives, and facilitate further expansion of the ecosystem.

The Fluid3 ecosystem is architected to be a synergistic environment, with all stakeholders empowered and incentivized to contribute to the long-term success and growth of the platform. We believe in a business model where the success of the platform fuels the success of all its stakeholders, and vice versa, creating a virtuous cycle that drives continual improvement and growth.

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