Q3 2023 - Development of v0.1

Research & Feedback Integration: Incorporate the feedback and findings from the initial conceptual stage into the development process.

Core Development: Begin the coding and creation of Fluid3's liquidity layer, focusing on the foundational components that will ensure seamless aggregation from various liquidity protocols.

Initial Testing: Engage in rigorous internal testing to identify bugs and areas for optimization. Angel Round:Seek angel investors to back Fluid3's early development and growth Q4 2023 - Community Creation & Presale

Community Building: Establish Fluid3's online presence. Launch forums, Discord or Telegram channels, and social media profiles to gather a community of early supporters, developers, and enthusiasts.

FL3 Token presale: Announce and conduct the presale of FL3 tokens, ensuring transparent procedures and benefits for early backers. Q1 2024 - Full Launch & Partnerships

Public Release: Roll out Fluid3 v1.0 to the public after intensive beta testing and refinements based on feedback.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with DeFi platforms, dApps, and DEXs to integrate Fluid3. Highlight mutual benefits, such as enhanced liquidity and reduced transaction costs.

Marketing Campaigns: Initiate marketing strategies to promote Fluid3's launch, emphasizing its unique value propositions. Developer Outreach: Encourage third-party developers to build complementary tools and integrations for Fluid3. Q2 2024 - Ecosystem Building & Continuous Improvement

Feature Upgrades: Introduce new features and optimizations based on user feedback and technological advancements.

Community Events: Organize hackathons, webinars, and community engagement activities to strengthen the Fluid3 community and foster innovation. Q3 2024 - Expansion, Diversification, Governance & Decentralization

Chain Exploration: Investigate and initiate the integration of non-EVM chains, expanding Fluid3's reach across diverse blockchain ecosystems.

Governance Mechanism: Introduce a framework allowing FL3 token holders to propose and vote on changes, ensuring the platform's direction is community-driven.

Decentralization Roadmap: Detail the steps towards transitioning Fluid3 to a more decentralized infrastructure, enhancing security and trust. Q4 2024 and Beyond - Fluid3's Evolution

Adaptive Strategy: Continuously monitor the DeFi landscape and adapt Fluid3's offerings to stay relevant and valuable.

Community-led Innovations: Support and fund community-driven projects that can enhance the Fluid3 ecosystem.

Security & Audits: Commit to regular security audits, ensuring the platform's resilience against vulnerabilities.

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